Our Plans & Guides

The Regional Logistics Program develops plans and guides that optimize our Region’s ability to manage resources and respond to a catastrophe. The documents included here were created by the Regional Logistics Program with input from specialized planning teams composed of regional stakeholders and subject matter experts from around the country. Strategic oversight was provided by the Regional Catastrophic Planning Team.

The Program’s plans and guides do not supersede any jurisdictional authority or override existing procedures or protocols; they are intended to provide support to a regional response. The actions described in these documents will not necessarily be completed during every incident, nor is every response activity that may be required described in these documents. Users should exercise judgment and discretion to determine the most appropriate actions at the time of an incident.

Executive Briefs

Executive Briefs provide a summary of each Regional Logistics Program initiative.

Strategic & Operational Plans for the EOC

Operational Plans provide guidance for logisticians working in an Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Strategic plans provide an overview for executives.

Tactical Guides

Tactical Guides provide checklists and action items for logisticians in the field.

Planning Tools

Planning Tools include templates and other documents that assist logisticians during the preparedness phase.

Assessment Papers

Assessment Papers provide information and analysis on topics or initiatives that support the implementation of the Universal Logistics Standard.